A Friend for all Occasions

My birthday falls in July. Every one is important as I reflect upon the friendships I have nurtured and grown.

My friend, nephew, son, sister and passed father-in-law’s birthday are remembered in the Winter month of chilly July. To cherish a lifelong friendship is a golden nugget of joy.

Joy my oldest buddy, childhood neighbour and friend is one such gem. Over many years, through good and bad, Joy has encouraged me, written to me and shared her life dreams, difficulties and family connections. Thank you dear Joy. She even reads my blogs!

Jenni who now lives in Townsville, has 7 grand children is another sweet friend who I have known since high school days. Riding our bikes to school, studying, sharing her mother’s cooking and hospitality, church youth group, and then topping it off with shared twin grand children. How fortunate to have Jenni in my life. When I lived in Townsville, she lived in Brisbane, then after several years, the reverse happened,.

I moved back to Brisbane to settle and she and her family made Townsville their new home. We hardly saw each other. Frustrating but that’s life.

Birthday cards from friends enrich the memories of growing up. I pile up this year’s ones to display, read the verses and giggle at the art and sentiment.

Having a friend is like owning a handbag for all occasions – the showy, bright one like Brooke, the practical everyday one like Marg, the travel handbag and suitcase like Dallas, a dependable, trustworthy and comfy handbag like Gael, a classic black clutch purse like Wendy, and so on.

My newest literary author and illustrator friend, Jenny – I liken her to a handbag for all occasions, hard wearing, deep to fill up and a delight to carry with me. In this handbag I have inspiration, ideas and goodies to unpack. A backpack for hiking is my dear friend Glenis who is thoughtful and intelligent. Catherine is my arty friend, the handbag with flair, style and a good dose of common sense.

What does friendship mean to you? How far do you go to help a friend? Why?

I wonder about the beauty and loyalty of friends far and near, the abiding strength through comedy and tragedy, the ties that unite, the love that flourishes.

I have other school friends like Julie and Sorrel ( the name of a herb) Both offer different talents and gifts to me. Margot from primary and high school, wise, worldly and innovative. Business woman and writer.

Then, there’s my almost lock down friends not far from Sydney – Jean and Julieanne. Honest, insightful, caring and kind. Love their phone calls and catch ups.

Not to mention friends whose names start with A, L, H, A, and L. C, J, M…

Friend Wendy

School friend Dallas in London

Margot, on her property

New friend Jenny

Here’s to all the lovely friends we cherish and more to come. Stay safe and well. Until next time. Marg

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July 30, 2021 at 8:11 am

Thank you so much for having me still in your life’s memories. I too have written of you and our childhood friendship in my personal diaries. Loving your blogs as always.

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August 1, 2021 at 2:51 am

Hi Joy – thanks for your support. I see you have put John Wayne as your profile photo. Nice! But I really like your lovely face.

M.J. Gibbs
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