Collectorama -brimming with stalls

It’s a vintage gathering of great proportions, Collectorama, held in Nambour Showgrounds and opening at 7am. As popular as ever, crowds come in to fossick, browse, talk, watch and buy that special items of their interest and passion. It’s a place where lovers of books, records, dolls, tools, retro clothes, jewellery and toys meet. With 150 stalls to choose, there’s something for everyone.

Traders and dealers come to sell or buy. From antique pieces, such as clocks, wooden boxes, furniture, doll’s prams and coins, the range of items is outstanding. For $6 admission, come early to find your treasure. Perhaps, you love the glass bottles or vinyl pop collectibles, lace and buttons, hats and 1950’s dresses, or a silk screen squeegee at $20. I come equipped with my water bottle, bag and notebook, but this morning I am not on the hunt for anything particular, but a wander throughout the stalls to see what finds me.

Collectorama is proud to support WILVOS Wildlife Volunteers.

I stop to look at sparkling brooches. Beautiful kinds. One for a Royal Queen, perhaps. I make my selection.

I can’t go past the children’s books, well loved and kept over the years.

I spot a gorgeous dog.

I enjoy a coffee with a friend where we sit on the steps away from the crowds. There’s so much colour, conversation and charm at Collectorama. The couple who are in their eighties have been collecting toys for 25 years. Wife Mary says, she is tired now and wants to give it away, but her husband needs to have something to keep him going. Hard work, commitment and passion for old toys brings this couple to all the markets the day before to set up. Even during chemo, Mary says she worked on setting the tables and packing up.

Antique dog amidst the picture frames

For those of you who have never enjoyed owning a collection, it would be something that motivates, inspires and enables you to look, compare, find and show off to your family. Or simply, enjoy yourself. One can’t help but smile when faced with gorgeous teddies, linen tablecloths or copper pots.

I am proud to announce, Kingdom of Rooms, a poetry book for children on collections is out soon. A much loved team effort by Jenny Catalano, Margeaux Davis and me.

Timeless, centuries old, treasured, heritage, keepsake, richly restored. Authentic!




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March 6, 2021 at 11:44 pm

I like the little Indian doll she looks gorgeous. She would have made my small doll collection more interesting. I have started collecting the good old day story books like Treasure Island, Black Beauty and I have a Raggedy Ann and Andy children’s book too. I love to forage through old things.

March 7, 2021 at 12:05 am

Love the thrill of the find or as you say the treasure finds you! Photos are fantastic, thanks for sharing.

User Avatar
March 7, 2021 at 4:17 am

Thanks Joy. Look out for Heidi, Swiss Family Robinson, Pollyanna, Secret Garden and more.

Judy Morgan
March 7, 2021 at 10:44 pm

One of your happy spaces, Marg. I remember bumping into you at one of these events, where you had a tea cosy in one hand and I had buttons!!! Did you buy the brooch? I know you couldn’t have taken the dog home. Love the illustrations by Margeaux Davis in your latest book/collection of poems. Still spreading the word for you. xx

M.J. Gibbs
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