Old and New Worlds to Explore with children

There is no better place to explore than our own backyard. Botanic gardens, lush forests, parks, bush walks and local museums are full of intrigue and history. Children love to explore. Poke their noses and faces into things, Run and hide. seek information and facts. Let off some steam. Here are some wonderful places to visit with families. Have you been there yet?

Planetarium, Brisbane with its star universe and Cosmic Skydome. Look out for the Neil Armstrong spacesuit kids! Dare to dream and imagine at Sir Thomas Planetarium. Mt Cootha. Look for the mini theatre, galaxy gift shop, observatory and display zones. Can you find the sundial courtyard?

National Zoo and Aquarium in Canberra.

Check out the reptiles and frogs. Encounter sharks behind glass windows. There are alligators, African lions and little penguins too. An experience underwater not to be missed.

Bli Bli Castle on the Sunshine Coast. Dress up medieval. Arm yourself against invaders. Cross the draw bridge. Find the treasured collections of dolls, swords and Kings. There’s a wonderful visitor’s shop too. Nothing like a change from the beach to the castle.


Caloundra Air Museum is a fascinating world unto itself. A non-for profit community owned aviation museum located at Caloundra airport in Queensland. The history of aircraft entices young minds and old alike. There are planes to step into. Jeeps to ride. and the roar of an engine starting up.


At Abbey Museum, Caboolture, Qld.

Fairy Park, Anakie, Victoria.

Abbey museum

Anakie Fairy Park

Fairy Park Anakie in Victoria.

Set in the beautiful rolling hills one hour west of Melbourne, and 30 mins. from Geelong, Anakie Fairy park boasts of a Camelot adventure playground, model trains, fairytale lands and castle kids with secret passages tunnels and dark dungeons.

Abbey Museum, Caboolture.

An Australian public museum dedicated to the preservation and display of antiquities, fine art, archeology and cultural heritage.

Perhaps you have a special go- to- place for adventure, fun and learning where stepping inside a new world is always intriguing. I hope you and the family are able to find and visit one soon. Watch out for the release of Kingdom of Rooms, by Marg Gibbs, (me) and Jenny Catalano. It’s a poetry book that explores a different world.


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February 28, 2021 at 2:56 pm

Oh my goodness, how fun! My daughter would love these spot 🙂

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