Illustrations By:

Alicia Rogerson Art

The Post Office Pup
by M,J, Gibbs

Ideal for ages 3-7 years.

Every day, Shilo the Post Office pup waits patiently for a surprise to arrive. Will the mail van deliver something special for Shilo?
A furry, friendly, family story!’
Not a detective or super spy, Shilo is an everyday Cocker Spaniel that loves to sleep, eat and play behind the scenes of the busy local Post Office in Mapleton.



When you are feeling lonely, a surprise letter in the mail from a friend brings joy. These days receiving a handwritten letter or card is less frequent than emailing someone.

However, at the local post office in Mapleton, a small village in the Blackall Ranges of Queensland, customers are greeted by a friendly, dedicated family who own 2 dogs and work at serving everyone who comes through the door.

Shilo, the cocker spaniel is the dog that author Marg Gibbs has included in her latest picture book, The Post Office Pup. She is pleased to say that lots of animal lovers will enjoy Shilo’s story and adventure. And perhaps they can write to someone they know sharing the secrets of their beloved pet. Support your local post office today.

About the Author

Marg Gibbs writes poems and stories for children. Her themes include communication, friendship, nature, family and courage. She has contributed to magazines, anthologies and the local Hinterland Times in Mapleton. Marg’s love of verse began with Dylan Thomas, Under Milkwood and extended into her long teaching career in secondary education.

M.J. Gibbs
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