Blue Bucket Cousins by M,J. Gibbs

Four stories about 10 real life cousins, set in Brisbane. Join Matilda, Sam and Riley on a bike race to the creek. Find out what happens with Sam and the Secret Ninja Snake?

Discover the strange noises and ghosts in the night in Eli is Spooked. Beware the groaning and moaning of Danger Dog. Is Jesse’s drawing coming to life?

Ideal for readers 6-8 years, with themes of problem solving, family sharing and co-operation.

At the back of the book, there are facts and riddles, activities and more information about the author and illustrators.



Four stories about 10 real life cousins, set in Brisbane.

Illustrations By:

Auraillia and Azulie Von Dayme

About the Author

Marg Gibbs writes poems and stories for children. Her themes include communication, friendship, nature, family and courage. She has contributed to magazines, anthologies and the local Hinterland Times in Mapleton. Marg’s love of verse began with Dylan Thomas, Under Milkwood and extended into her long teaching career in secondary education.

M.J. Gibbs
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