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Jesse Wins Through

A new puppy helps Jesse a nine-year-old boy to ease the pain of missing his soldier dad. When Richard also steps in to teach Jesse boxing, new strength and confidence is gained to allow Jesse to overcome bullying at school.

The Waiting Room of Weathervane Vet

Lenny Watts is a boy with a cranky uncle, missing animals and a determination to solve the mystery and to get them back. A wonderful read for ages 7+.

Backpacks and Paper Planes

Fill your imagination and backpack with poems that take you to places you’ve never been before. M J Gibbs (Marg) explores the sounds of travel, from a spaceship and camel ride to hiking in forests of green. 38 travel poems from skateboarding, flying, train, bus, and dirt bike riding around the world. The journey can be fun and exciting as you move along. Like a paper plane, spread your wings and fly.

Tomorrow Land

The title of Tomorrow Land captures the wonder and joy of imagination in the what if? Sisters Marg Gibbs and Kim Roberts have penned more than 40 poems, arranged in themes of time sequence, to enthuse young readers and their families. Read aloud poems include, The Hairies, Platform Pigeon, Future Teachers, and The Boy who Laughed his Head off.

Blue Bucket Cousins

Four stories about 10 real life cousins, set in Brisbane. Join Matilda, Sam and Riley on a bike race to the creek. Find out what happens with Sam and the Secret Ninja Snake?

I'm A Viking Kid

One boy, a Viking boy with a family and friends, a farm and a warrior spirit. A collection of read aloud poems to ignite adventure. This is a poetry book for kids ages 6+

The Post Office Pup

Every day, Shilo the Post Office pup waits patiently for a surprise to arrive. Will the mail van deliver something special for Shilo?

Kingdom Of Rooms

Author and poet Marg Gibbs has explored the nature of children’s collections, set inside a palace for the King and Queen. This is a poetry book for kids ages 4+

Animals at Work

An alphabet picture book to help your child understand and find out more about jobs.

Harvey & Rose

Twin rabbits, Harvey and Rose take to the dress up box with a variety of fun costumes

A Very Mapleton Christmas

A delightful children's book for ages 3 to 10 Come celebrate Christmas in the outdoors with favourite Aussie characters!

Conversations with Strangers

There’s spontaneity, creativity, wonder and joy when you allow yourself to talk to strangers in unexpected places. Author Marg Gibbs shares personal stories, poetry and activities to reflect upon in this book on connection with others. Divided into 12 chapters covering topics from travel, art, food and loneliness, Conversations with Strangers showcases beautiful photographs taken by Marg to inspire and motivate the reader. Marg Gibbs shares her knowledge as a grandma, wife, teacher and friend to many.

Goose at The Gate

A delightful and fun collection of poems for children ( 3-10 years) written by Marg Gibbs, including her own collages, and watercolour illustrations by Margeaux Davis.

Jasper's Jumbled Up Words

A sensitive picture story about family relationships, speech and communication, ideal for ages 2-6 years.

Arriving Home

A delightful children's book for ages 3 to 7 About friends and community.

Poetry & Gratitude Journal

A self- paced, 6- week course with M.J. Gibbs If you’re interested in poetry or inspirational verse, or rhyme then this course is for you!
MJ Gibbs

About M.J. Gibbs (Marg)

Marg Gibbs writes poems and stories for children. Her themes include communication, friendship, nature, family and courage. She has contributed to magazines, anthologies and the local Hinterland Times in Mapleton. Marg’s love of verse began with Dylan Thomas, Under Milkwood and extended into her long teaching career in secondary education.

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