A Garden Room Gift

Ever wanted you own little shed with a difference? It’s not my she shed. It’s called Garden Room, skilfully designed and made by my husband Bill. A wedding gift and project.

Every day I see something that Bill has made with love. From the heavy pavers that we both carried down the steps from the carport onto the site. Three by three metres, out near the side of the laundry – a cosy spot for potting plants, gathering blooms, cutting, snipping, watering etc.


Bill orders the cypress pine timber, thousands of screws for the job, the roofing and all the bits he needs to build with. We already have a potting bench so the framework will be opening onto this. We enjoy a trip to the demolition yards at Yandina to source second hand doors and windows. Scrounging around in the big yard is an interesting experience  – so much gets delivered and dumped.


I assist with the paint work but Bill has done the bulk using black as the colour to add appeal and the sort of country style shed with a high pitched gable roof – a bit “barnish.”

Bill prefers to work by himself as he knows where everything is placed, or should be placed; he likes the freedom of working his own pace. Mastering things solo means working out clever tricks for balancing on the roof, ladder, trusses, stepping in exactly the right centimetres and moving across the right position.

IMG_4091 3

When the walls go up, the site starts to look like a shed. Working independently and with plenty of coffees, hot brekky stops in the cold mornings, means I can browse some Pinterest sites, blogs and think about the interior. I have already some vintage buckets, Bunnings essentials, a K Mart prop or two, vases, bottles and essential gardening gloves, hat etc.


Can you spot the hard worker up high? He is listening to bird calls.


Planing the rosewood timber for shelving I vacuum the shed for the fine red dust.

I think the pride comes when Bill sees what he has made with his own strong hands. It’s really a beautiful thing to share and allows him to feel connected with timber, tools and his time. There’s a sense of purpose that is so satisfying when one makes something.

July hits with rain. He takes a good break. Bill takes his thoughts to paper and comes up with a skillion roof side to protect from rain.



WOW! Impressive hey! and my new colour scheme is Mexican chilli. Bold and vibrant.


Two coats of wash and wear Taubmans paint one cold morning

So, after 4-5 months, the wedding gift has emerged. Stronger and more beautiful than ever. A pavilion perhaps, a sleep out for Bill (NO) a room for plants and possums and hanging baskets. A place to appreciate the human touch of craftsmanship.

Thanks darling Bill.

I will share the more finished look closer to Spring when the light filters through the windows, and the scent of jasmine or lavender drifts in.


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Judy M
August 24, 2018 at 8:29 pm

Looking fabulous, Marg. Clever work by Bill……lovingly crafted makes it all the more special. Nice, bold colour choice. I can see your smile from here. Enjoy finishing it together. Better come for a visit soon to see the finished product first-hand. When you’re ready for a break and a drive, you need to come and have a cuppa with us. Al has created another space to sit and feast right beside our ‘lake’.

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August 26, 2018 at 6:19 am

Bill’s long days working on this have allowed him to enjoy a break now sitting reading and doing cross words. Apart from his trusty jigsaw breaking after 36 years, all went well. Hope to visit you in Spring time Judy.

August 31, 2018 at 2:36 pm

What a nice-looking shed, love those colors!

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September 1, 2018 at 5:48 am

Thanks Tuula. I think the pinkish tones work well with shades of green in plants and decor.

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