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School Visits and Presentations by Marg

Author and poet Marg Gibbs shares her love of story, poetry and children’s books with school aged children. Her visits to schools promote improvement of literacy, communication, cooperation and enquiry. Marg shares her writing skills, author and illustrator knowledge and years of teaching to strengthen children’s learning. A multi-media presentation engages the children visually with extra activities to extend the teacher and class.

Reading is my Secret Power

Marg Gibbs, author and poet, introduces students to the benefits of reading through an interactive screen presentation on picture books. Why read? How does a book cover make its appeal? Reading blurbs. Paying attention to illustrations. Reading poems aloud.
This lively delivery is suitable for classes year 3-6. Marg’s style is personable, passionate and poetic. She includes some simple exercises to do for the classroom teacher. Free bookmarks and surprises. Flexible styles to match the age group.

Rates are industry standard as per ASA ( Australian Society of Authors).
Email Marg  to arrange an author visit on the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane.

M.J. Gibbs - Reading is my superpower
School Visits with MJ Gibbs
Marg presenting to year 3 children at a state school in Brisbane

Into the Unknown

A teacher’s guide to help young people arrive at their writing destination.

This presentation looks at how to motivate young people (ages 7- 12) to maintain a positive mind- set about writing. For many students, writing assignments becomes a chore, something they have to do. Writing for pleasure is different.
Marg Gibbs takes you on a journey to encourage writing stories, poems and journalling in young people so that they can benefit for a life- time.

Duration: 1 hour 30 mins presentation. (Minimum of 3 adults).

Flexible, engaging presentations involve:

  • Five Ways to Write a Poem
  • What Kind of Reader are You?
  • Journey of an Author
  • Packet of Poems

Talks involve prep, grades 1 and 2.
Grades 3-6

Workshop topics include:

  • Creating appealing characters
  • Rhythm, Rhyme and fun words
  • Edit! Edit! Edit!
  • Book friends & Secrets
  • Creative writing – where and how to start

Workshops can vary from 45 minutes to one hour involving worksheets, guidance and read aloud.

School Presentations
M.J. Gibbs
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