Backpacks and Paper Planes
by M,J, Gibbs

38 travel poems from skateboarding, flying, train, bus, and dirt bike riding around the world.
The journey can be fun and exciting as you move along. Like a paper plane, spread your wings and fly.



Fill your imagination and backpack with poems that take you to places you’ve never been before. M J Gibbs (Marg) explores the sounds of travel, from a spaceship and camel ride to hiking in forests of green.

Check out the back of the book for the places and means of transport worldwide – perfect for families or solo adventures, discussions and learning.

Don’t forget to download some colouring-in fun! 

About the Author

Marg Gibbs writes poems and stories for children. Her themes include communication, friendship, nature, family and courage. She has contributed to magazines, anthologies and the local Hinterland Times in Mapleton. Marg’s love of verse began with Dylan Thomas, Under Milkwood and extended into her long teaching career in secondary education.

M.J. Gibbs
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