Animals At Work A-Z

An alphabet picture book to help your child understand and find out more about jobs. Twenty-six animals accompanied by simple watercolour illustrations and printed papers by the author, reveal different ways to work. From a postie, teacher to builder and fashionista, Animals at Work starts with A for Captain Alligator who is a pilot and finishes with Z for Zebra, a lolly pop lady working at a school.
Each page features 5 letters of a child’s name, for example, Tigers (Tegan, Tim, Tilly, Thomas and Tabitha.) Find out if your child’s name is listed.
Other important jobs to research and discuss with your child include, artist, optometrist, pathologist and museum curator.

Suited to ages 2+


About the Author

Marg Gibbs writes poems and stories for children. Her themes include communication, friendship, nature, family and courage. She has contributed to magazines, anthologies and the local Hinterland Times in Mapleton. Marg’s love of verse began with Dylan Thomas, Under Milkwood and extended into her long teaching career in secondary education.

M.J. Gibbs
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