Christmas Attitude

Fast approaching is the season of goodwill, presents and celebrating Christ’s birth. At this time of the year I find myself struggling with the heat ( I am a Winter person), lists of presents to buy ( start early) and the pressures to please family and friends with social activities. The shops are more crowded, with more consumer goods and sometimes a feeling that it’s all too much.

Recently in the Sunday Mail, Angela Mollard wrote an inspiring article on her trip to Kenya. It got me reflecting about our privileges. Rhoda Mbelete is 80 years, a mother of eight, farmer and business woman who lives in a tiny, red-dust strewn village in Kenya where rain is rare and challenges are manifold. Her beautiful attitude puts me to shame.

Rhoda’s local community are working together to improve all their lives.

As a community they decide who can borrow to buy a goat, who would benefit from a loan to purchase a motorbike and who might need assistance to send their children to school.

Sometimes we need to step outside our country to see how little we appreciate it.

The sign outside my church reads, ” All you need is Less.” I struggle with my MORE. It is a message that would enrich our lives if we had the right attitude to Christmas.


Are we not rich and well resourced living in Australia? Could we settle for less this festive season? Is it possible to live dynamic, loving lives with much less? I guess it comes down to our individual responsibilities to each other and our community.

As Angela Mollard says, ” if we’re privileged enough to live in a developed nation than the least we can do is have a developed attitude. Gen Z will gain little if they blame the Boomers for climate change and financial inequality while it’s equally pointless for the over 60’s to bang on about the younger generation’s poor work ethic, sense of entitlement, lack of manners and enthusiasm for delivered food.”

This Christmas with all the glitter, sparkle and zing in the stores, reflect upon the nature of our attitudes to poverty, community and sharing.



Let’s celebrate the sacred spaces, the humble stable and the heart of service to others.

I hope you and your families are safe, thankful and aware of the beauty and diversity that Australia holds. Can we embrace less than more?

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Julieanne Seymour
December 3, 2019 at 10:43 am

Beautifully written Margaret. I couldn’t agree more. How to give more love, more of ourselves and more praise to God the Father for what He has done for each of us through His Son Jesus is what we should aim for. I seem to have used “more” too often and no mention of “less”. But you know what I mean.

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December 4, 2019 at 3:17 am

I do know what you mean Julieanne and thank you. Enjoy Christmas with the growing family. x

M.J. Gibbs
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