Cuddly and soft

I never owned many soft toys as a child, in fact, my parents thought that a bicycle and a doll was sufficient. My bride doll and my tricycle were my valued possessions. Today young children own many soft and cuddly toys. From a teddy bear, rabbit, wombat, koala, camel to furry possum, the idea of gathering them together in a room, on a shelf or under the blankets is popular. Even the op shops are full of them – stuffed into bins and overloaded onto shelves. Cheap and tatty, treasured , squished soft toys from $1-$5. Visit a Post office and you will see more cuddlies. KMart, Target and Myer are full of the latest brands.


My own boys and daughter owned teddies – Siggy, Grey, Pooh and Ted. Now Grey has been passed down to Tim’s son and he proudly sits on the bed. Here he is! How cute!

IMG_0313Beside Grey sits a fluffy puppy and a Kiwi.  They look like they are friends!

Every now and then an extra special soft toy arrives as a gift from overseas. This camel came from Afghanistan. How amazing.

Lastly teenagers love cute adorable soft toys like G the giraffe and Jemima the bunny. It brightens their day and mood. As sweet as a honey kiss. As precious as you and me!


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