Double Joy

2018 is here! Happy New Year to an even number! Already the Christmas tree and decorations have gone, refrigerator re-stocked of essentials and I have tidied up a cosy corner in the Loft for more writing this year. I guess we all set ourselves a few goals or resolutions to kickstart another big year. Have you made one, a list or refuse to set yourself up for disappointment?

Up in the Loft above the carport is a creative space that consists of a grand children playing area littered with lego, pretend “cappuccino maker”, blocks, a doll’s house and loads of books. Away from this colourful display of “fun” is my writing corner.

This writing space is designed for me to sit down and write children’s stories, poems and whatever. With an eye catching mood board to motivate me, or distract me? one of my New Year goals is to set aside consistent time to develop my ideas, struggle with words and plots, embellish characters and wonder if I can share these with the little ones. Where my real joy, or double joy comes in, is not in solitary pursuits but in facing the twins and toddlers as a grandma with real life story telling.

Last week the families came up to entertain me. I think I also entertained them! Twins Annabel and James are gorgeous, taking in the world through tiny eyes, smiling and wriggling and feeding, oh! so very often. James kicks more, Annie smiles more. Both are the subjects of character ideas for writing. And they are only 4 months old!

With their burps and bellows, add a toddler to the mix and there’s a delightful happy chaos that never stops.

Rachael, Matilda and I went off for a little 3.5 km hike to the lovely Kondalilla Falls, a national park in the Blackall Ranges where Miss Tilly was piggy backed most of the way through the lush rainforest and winding pathways, past the many tourists and down the steep steps to the cold swimming hole. Grandma Marg carried the towels, food and clothes. We had a ball taking turns to swim near the waterfall, avoiding an injury on the slippery rocks.

We played hide and seek, eye spy and what can you find?

After our healthy outdoor adventure we drove back to meet the twins, Daddy and Bill for some sushi. Half an hour after this, we headed home for more feeding and sleeps.

These next photos show the double joy of playing in the bush where we enjoyed a BBQ at the Mapleton Day use Forest area.


                                             Oh! there goes mummy down the hill!

It was Justin’s great idea to roll under and up inside the patchwork blanket so that Matilda could find him. This game was a hit. It was Rachael’s idea to roll down the side in one piece!

The scent of the eucalypts, cicadas and smell of lamb chops cooking – all perfect as a backdrop. The babies enjoyed the fresh air gazing up at the trees and sky, one or two ants crawling on their legs and they allowed us to eat quickly before they needed picking up. In the mean time, there’s places to explore. Watch out for lizards!

Back home after emptying out the esky, bathing the babies and more feeding, I had the opportunity to do my favourite thing – WEEDING in the garden.

Matilda pulled and pulled with her small, strong fingers. She made a few piles. I made a few more piles. And that double joy rippled across the mountains with a loving hug for me. Bless her heart.

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January 9, 2018 at 9:29 am

What a lovely family and life you have. You are so blessed. With so many grandchildren you must feel all warm and fuzzy inside with all that wonderful love.

I don’t make New Years resolutions as I can never keep them. I do wish to lose more weight, and as you know its been a life long struggle for me.

Mapleton looks like an awesome place to live. I am glad you have found happiness in its wonderful surroundings. I love BBQ any meat, but chops are one of my favourites. I see Bill is handy with cooking.

What do you have in mind to write about this year?

Mitchel has a large wood cooking place with wooden vegetables, fruit and meat. He even has a fried egg! He loved pretending to cut things up. He carried things around on a tray or in a basket. I bought him a tea set with a tea pot and he enjoyed that too.

Mitchel helps me in the garden too. He pulls weeds for “huggie’ (Chris) and we re-pot plants together. Weeding is far from my favourite activity, I find watering the garden very pleasant. I have azaleas, one of which Mitchel bought me, that I am nursing through this years January heat.

Wishing you rainbows and raindrops when you need them most.

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January 10, 2018 at 10:04 pm

Thanks Joy. I have a few picture stories I am working on. Have you written anything for Mitchel to enjoy?

    January 10, 2018 at 10:33 pm

    No, I haven’t written him anything. I did arrange to have a book made for him with his name being the main character.

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