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Remembering things as you get older becomes harder. I know this because sometimes I struggle daily to keep my brain focussed. There is too much going on in my mind, particularly story ideas, family memories and daily searching for the right list that I wrote last week.

A book I am going to read soon is called The Longevity Paradox by Steven R Grundy. He puts forward a brain health strategy that anyone can try as it does not require great physical or mental prowess.

It is the brain wash. A daily bath for the brain. Sounds simple and soothing. Our amazing brains have a cleansing mechanism known as the lymphatic system. ‘Each night  cerebrospinal fluid flows through your brain, cleaning out spaces between the cells.’

When you are in deep sleep, your brain cells actually shrink which allows more space for this process to happen.


You need to get a long night’s sleep for the brain wash to work well. You need to eat your evening meal earlier. Dr Grundy and researchers recommend eating 4 hours before going to bed. So a 10pm bed time means a 6pm dinner. No supper. UGH!! that’s hard for me when I am watching Netflix and snacking on nuts or eating a biscuit with herbal tea.

My husband Bill has read and enjoyed 2 books, called The Rewired Brain by Dr Ski Chilton and Brain Rules by John Medina.

The first is about controlling negative emotions, how to reframe them, ultimately bringing healing and rewriting the brain. It certainly gives the average person like me hope. The second book looks at stress, sleep and the brain.

Why memories are volatile. How the brain works. Why it is so easy to forget.

When I meet new people these days, I like to repeat their names at least 3 times in a conversation. Add them to my phone address. Hopefully recall them in a fortnight.


Just as this beautiful rose blooms in the garden, I hope that your brain can be transformed and renewed. Exercise boosts brain power. Listen to music to help condition. Repeat names. Sleep well.

Above all enjoy curiosity. It stretches the brain power. Develop interests that inspire you. Your brain will scan the sensory horizon, testing things for potential interest or importance.

For the coming new month of September and Spring, I hope that you can explore different memory tools, get out of being “stuck”, reflect and consider your most precious human brain and move forward. In both books, if you get the chance, read the introductions to uncover the essential truths. With chapters on Reflect, Reframe and Rewire, The Rewired Brain is a must read.

Let me know if you have good memory tricks that have helped you.

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