Recently a girlfriend gave me a gift just in time for me to enjoy on Mothers Day. It’s a book called Grandmothers – Essays by 21st century Grandmothers, edited by Helen Elliott.

You may not be a grandma or Nanna, however, this is still for you.

The Very Noisy Grandmother by Alison Lester, who happens to be a favourite children’s author of mine, writes, ‘I used to joke that once the first baby arrived, there’d be an avalanche – that they’d all get onto it. And sure enough, that’s what happened.’

From pony rides to babysitting, dress ups, reading stories, building lego and making cubbies, Alison has fallen in love with her beautiful grandchildren. She’s gone from being sooky, broken hearted to toughening up where they are concerned. Trampoline games – bounce, bounce, bounce to watching Bluey with them on TV.

Recently she asked a friend what being a grandmother meant to her. She said it felt as though her life was complete, that she could relax, because the next generation was on its way.

Other essays in this book include Helen Garner, Stephanie Alexander, Maggie Beer, Jane Caro, Gillian Triggs ( Grandmothers as social activists) – from a special house, strongest memory and classical music to building self confidence, trust and love.


On a simpler note, a recent picture book by Meredith Costain captured my heart. It’s called Grandmas are Lovely. I consider myself in this title. Hope you do too.


“Grandmas are fearless, courageous and smart, they’ll love and protect you with all of their heart.

Grandmas are cuddly, with arms that hug tight,

they wrap you in dreams when they kiss you goodnight.”

This beautiful picture book celebrates the special bond between grandmothers and their grandchildren. Pastel, soft washes of colour bring a gentle calm to the pages.

“My grandma’s so special, I tell her each day. I love and adore her…

in every way.”


IMG_1489 2

Thanks for reading this, dear friends. I hope you are doing well. And venturing out more in the coming weeks.

My daughter made me feel extra special with a surprise picnic in her backyard, yummy goodies to share, a game of SNAP with the grandkids. A reading of The Tiger who Came to Tea and love hearts coloured in as stepping stones to the picnic rug. Hand picked flowers on the table, warmly toasted ham and cheese croissants and some decadent cheesecake.

Remember fondly your grandmother, Oma, Tutu, Nan, Gran or Grandma!!



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