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During this week restrictions have eased so I am in Brisbane visiting my grandchildren.

The twins are two and half years old now and play quite well together. I start the game, hide and seek, and they run and hide. Building cubbies is one of our favourite pastimes.

Don’t you remember when you were a child making a cubby outside in the backyard or on the verandah with sheets and blankets? Construction phase. Find the equipment, find the space, make sure it doesn’t collapse. Build taller, wider.

Cubbies are miniature homes and cosy spaces for children. A place to shelter and hide. To make plans, have parties, entertain their toys. Snuggle up.

The first cubby we made was a book house cubby.


You need a cosy corner, a small table covered with books for the roof and of course, books inside the house. Add a rug or bring in a soft toy. Bingo!

Out on the deck, another cubby is the sofa seats arranged into a house like dwelling.


Can you spot the small feet?

Includes a cardboard piece, material and sofa cushions as walls.


One of the twins is already tucked up inside. The other is about to crawl in.


Add a doll or tea set and it’s their special place. Games can be played outside, like Who’s inside? Where’s Mr Wolf? I can’t find… Where are they?

Under the bed makes a good cubby house. Drape a sheet over the bed or a crochet rug. Play with kanga, sheep and lion.

Cubby play stimulates the imagination, creativity and fun. It can stay up for a day or be pulled down in ten minutes. It costs nothing. It builds friendship, teamwork and empathy.

I would love you to tell me about your memories of making cubbies. Where? How? and the people who helped you to build them.

Keep safe and well. Until next time. Perhaps, I will build myself a garden cubby with the palms that are falling off at the moment.


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Annaleise Byrd
May 31, 2020 at 10:57 am

Very cute, Marg! Might have to build a cubby with my boys this week. 🙂

    User Avatar
    May 31, 2020 at 10:03 pm

    Thanks Annaleise – most boys like to construct cubbies, better still in a tree!

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