Make Love not War

A recent sixties party celebration in honour of a fine Maths teacher gave cause for fantastic dress ups, speeches, dancing and an evening of dining and wining. Therefore, I was on the hunt for an outfit to suit the occasion,so browsed the op shops until I was satisfied with a Mary Quant look – hey presto, a different me! A beehive hair style, boots ( couldn’t get the white ones in time) and a geometric design of a mini to match the stockings.IMG_1121

Now the sixties was a decade of hippies, bold colours, The Beatles, Twiggy, Nancy Sinatra, Bob Dylan beats, Make love not war, Martin Luther King, the landing on the moon, Barbie and Ken, white hoop earrings, John Lennon dark glasses and space themes.


It was a turning point, a decade of promise and heartbreak. It contained hope and failure, innocence and cynicism. It contained the flower children and assassins, rebellion and backlash. Well fashionable rebellion was the evening’s fun theme and as we gathered together I found it funny to watch my fellow staff colleagues enter through the door in new disguises ranging from tie dye, psychedelic hippie to Sgt Peppers band.



Speaking of dress ups, my grand son turned 3! an age of innocence yet super hero status! And the best place to dress up and celebrate is outdoors in a beautiful park. Now imagine mums and dads plus kiddies all revved up to be Batman, Spiderman, Ninja Turtle, Wonder woman and Captain America. This comic themed event boasted a Spiderman cake, buntings, balloons, and presents galore. These little guardians of the galaxy went a little mad as they raised their arms, chased each other, and flashed their super powers throughout the morning. Us adults chatted and ate, nursing babies, snapping photos, escaping the noise, dusting off the fallen, soothing the injured and flying like me, grandma!





Isn’t this cute! The innocence of love, friendship and fun! I think I am so blessed to be able to experience both a grown ups party and a child’s. To reflect on the importance of celebrating a birthday whether 50 or 3, that life is precious, family and friends are valued and endearing moments charged with love. Whether it’s blowing out 3 candles or being embarrassed by surprises and sentimental speeches at mid-life, it’s worthwhile finding the times to celebrate life.

When I return home smiling and feeling the tiredness hit me, I kick off my boots, dress down and go to sleep where I dream about being rescued by Batman or loved by the caped crusader children. Tell me your super hero tale.



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