Reflecting on Collecting


Definition of Collection: Gather together a number of things/ a group of items

Collections are fun. Demanding our attention and passion for things, like finding treasure in  unexpected places. My sister Kim used to collect toy monkeys, posters and coins. My brother collected budgies and coins. I collected and read comics, records and fabrics in all their colours and textures.

When you collect, you seek, locate and acquire. Then you might organise and catalogue like in shells or insects. After this, you might display as in a group of vintage dolls, handbags or stamps. Lastly, there is the storing and maintaining of your precious collections.

Nowadays, I have a proud collection of Indigenous art and paintings, classic children’s books and buttons and vintage coffee cups. They allow me to follow my passions, awaken my senses and add joy to my living.

Marg’s top 5 Collection as a child

  1. stamps
  2. records
  3. comics
  4. beads
  5. owls


 Jenny Catalano

Collections are all around us, cars filling car parks, houses lining streets, books in libraries. But what makes our own personal collections unique is that they can transport us back to our childhood, give special meaning to a place or time and memories. It gives those who crave collections a sense of ownership, a feeling of value or just the thrill of the hunt!

When author friend Marg Gibbs asked me to contribute children’s poems toward Kingdom of Rooms, the concept grabbed my attention straight away!

I reflected on my own youth and remembered a treasure trove of collections:

My grandma had a display of antique bottles (in particular the ones with the marble stopper in the neck) Her father’s cowbells from prized cattle during the Woombye Show era (now called Sunshine Coast Agricultural Show in Nambour) Then there was her array of bottled (real) snakes adorning the old hallway cupboards – no wonder I love finding snake-skins! Not to forget exploring her botanical garden, foraging for peacock feathers.


My late father had everything, including his ancestor’s belongings and even the kitchen sink/s. But that’s another story!

On my mother’s side, I recall my great grandmothers house and the china cabinet FULL of porcelain shoes from around the world.

These days I like collecting from nature, this inspires my art and writing and also teaches my children to have a connection and appreciation to our environment.

Jenny’s top 5 Collection as a child

  1. Spoons (About 20 from Sunshine Coast attractions Super Bee, Deer Sanctuary etc)
  2. Enid Blyton books or any book
  3. Animal Statues
  4. Marbles
  5. Coins


What kids collect these days…


Ty beanie boos




Hats/ dress ups

Tell us what your favourite memories of collecting were/are? Enjoy the release of a new children’s poetry book, Kingdom of Rooms, that reveals some lovely collections.Oh! and Happy Valentines day! from Marg and Jenny x

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February 14, 2021 at 10:01 am

As a child I always loved dolls and books. Sadly I lost most of them in the 1974 flood. I now have some porcelain dolls given to me by my daughter and one from my grandson. I have a few stuffed animals as well. I recently bought a koala with pink embroidered flowers on her head, and her name is Lilly. I buy children and adult books now for charity gifts at Christmas which gives me great please as I peruse their pages. My favourite type of book is mystery, Detective, fairy and ghost phenomenal.

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February 14, 2021 at 10:55 am

Losing special collections is hard. But I am glad you have chosen to buy books for charity gifts. I have a few classic, old books that I find at op shops. Koalas are cute to start collecting.

M.J. Gibbs
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