The Waiting Game

How does it feel to be waiting for your own daughter’s baby to be born? It’s exciting and scary at the same time because of the unexpected and unknown. After my 3 sons’s wives gave birth I was present quickly after the news to receive a cuddle and a look at my new grandson/ daughter. Now my own daughter who lives in Mareeba is ready and waiting. The mother/ daughter time last week was so special as we walked along the Palm Cove beach, swam in the Resort pool and dined out as a couple. She did have some news that sent her into a spin – a bit of panic, stress, tears and frustration all rolled into one. It’s times like these that you are both vulnerable to each other’s emotions.Time to say nothing. Time to listen. Time to offer inspiration and kindness. What have I done along the way to prepare myself for her birth experience?

1  Send cards and words of comfort and inspiration, with a photo to smile at.

2  Surprise her with a Myer gift voucher or a new maternity dress wrapped up in pretty paper.

3  Send her a book or photo copied page to teach her new ideas.

4  Keep in touch with a planned visit and gifts.

5  Remind her of her birth and what I went through ( in small doses)

6  Feel her tummy as it grows; feel the movements.

7  Talk to her husband about his concerns.

8  Ask questions about their visits to the doctor etc

9  Baby’s names – text some funny ones to make her laugh

10 Let her know that you love her dearly and that she has permission to be a first time mum.


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September 10, 2015 at 9:18 am

Good on ya goose!

M.J. Gibbs
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