Three cheers for the friendly Post Office Services.

I have to bring to your attention our lovely little Post Office family who work tirelessly behind the counter to serve others. Elizabeth Buckley, her son David and daughter Yyvonne Dawdle, and her children particularly Anika who is 18 years. A strong family business. They take pride in what they do. They deeply care.

The family are responsible for handling duties in a post office, including receiving and sorting mail, selling postage, weighing packages, stamping envelopes, assisting customers, selling money orders, taking passport photos, (although this task is found in Nambour) and ensuring mail has the correct postcodes and addresses.

This list is minimal. There are many, many other jobs they work on daily. During Covid, they were diligent about safe distancing, signs and warnings and minimal numbers of people inside.

More jobs! Never stopping. Working together as a team.

Complaints, cash money orders, selling books of stamps, loading trucks, redirecting mail etc.

On our recent road trip to Dubbo and further south, I stopped to notice different post offices. Old buildings, simple shops and even country mail boxes on dusty roads. They all have personality and character.

Our dear Shilo lies on the floor behind the Mapleton counter waiting to smell the parcels. He hardly barks because there is so much conversation and interaction going on when customers walk through the doors.

Shilo has his own bed at the post office where he spends most of his day. 10am is morning tea time.

David always has a friendly smile and joke ready. Anika checks the postcode and weighs the packets to send to Hervey Bay. Yyvonne checks the daily mail inside the shop. And Elizabeth with her long years of service, makes sure that questions are answered and facts given. She is a capable gift buyer for the shop and organises competitions and prizes for children. She stocks jewellery, ornaments, woolly socks, toys, gift cards and stationery.

I believe she also helps with the back to school packs and books.

In busy Maleny, people line up to buy gifts, send letters, track overseas parcels. These days you can purchase soft cuddly toys, games and specialised children’s books.

Next time you wait patiently in a queue at the Post Office, offer a smile and greeting to the men and women who connect and care about your safety and helping you.

Lastly, trivia facts.

Postage stamps first appeared in 1847; prior to that, postal clerks simply noted the amount the sender paid on the envelope.

We have more than 75,000 in our extended workforce and we have one of Australia’s largest electric vehicle fleets of more than 3,700 vehicles.

Until next time, stay well.

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June 15, 2021 at 8:52 am

They must be very proud to have you write a book about their real dog and feature him on the cover. Chris still collects stamps.

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