Tracking down the Truth

I was feeling under the weather with a head cold coming on – winds, rain and general forecast gloomy on the Sunny Coast, so I took myself off to see Jodie Foster’s latest movie, Money Monster. It was fast paced and entertaining. I didn’t have to think too deeply. The plot is easy enough to follow so go and see it. I like George Clooney and Julia Roberts. Another reason to see it.


The basic theme of growing irresponsibility of the media in a digital age proved modern enough with elements of greed, gripping action, and Gates ( George Clooney) head to head with an angry young man who has taken him hostage, demanding the truth and an honest explanation about why he lost a lot of money.

Kyle Budwell who points the gun on the Wall street guru ( Clooney) does not believe there was simply a computer glitch when he lost his life savings. As the film progresses we see inside a tormented , angry and disillusioned young man, whose pregnant girlfriend has much to say about him and his crazy risk taking scheme.

The movie got me thinking, not about money, wealth or greed, but TRUTH – how we wrestle with the truth. When children are young it’s easy to tell a white lie to cover up a wrong doing. It’s like a small rash then a fever spreads and the consequences can be awful. Deceit seems easy at the time, a quick response, look the other way and move on, but in time, lies can play havoc on our body , mind and spirit.

There are simple dishonest answers like, “What did you do this weekend?” Answer, Nothing much. or “How are you feeling today?” Answer. OK or good. We all do it. Don’t we? Did you drink all that wine? Answer. “Who me? No!”

When friendships, big corporate businesses, marriages are based on lies, the ugly truth is that cracks begin to appear in every speech or behaviour. In Money Monsters, distressed Kyle and investment adviser Lee Gates hunt down the truth drawing in many players until there’s a realisation that someone, indeed , did the wrong thing – it’s a treacherous journey and millions are watching this on live TV.

Owning up is one hard thing but forgiveness is crucially harder. It’s releasing yourself and the anger you feel about a situation or someone to change your ways and mind set. No easy feat. In the end, it’s a journey that enables you to see the other person’s vulnerabilities and weaknesses in a truthful way. As Jesus said to those Jews, ” If you abide in My Word, you are my disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

Christ even reminded us to forgive not 7 times, but 7o times 7! ( Matthew 18 :22) Reconciliation, peace and forgiveness.


As children’s author Roald Dahl once said, “don’t gobblefunk around with words.” And extraordinary poet Emily Dickinson wrote, ” opinion is a flitting thing, but TRUTH outlasts the Sun; If then we cannot own them both- Possess the oldest one.”

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