Vikings, Dragons and Mother’s Day

The toughest warriors, the Vikings can be likened to parents who fight for their children. Fight for their well being, spirit and heart. Parents who stand up for their rights, demonstrate bravery and willingness to take risks.

The Viking Age is not for the squeamish. Nor is the broken family.

In midst of trouble times, on the battle field, at sea or at home, Viking men and women alike, celebrated the virtues of warfare. Similarly, many families suffer the isolation, attack, catastrophe and turmoil when their children are separated, or fought over. The journey, voyage or course can be tough, cruel and painful for estranged families. A struggle that is both sad and alarming. I wonder what it is like for the kids.

Rarely is it peaceful, calm and harmonious. Like the sleek wooden vessels, those Dragonships that sailed the seas, the trip can be hazardous. Storms and winds that make the ride bumpy. Disputes at home about fairness, money, possessions, work etc can uncover resentments and bitterness.

Sibling rivalry. Parent arguments. Emotional turmoil.

What do the children feel?


Being a child is a time of innocence and fun, not a time for destruction and fear. On Mother’s Day, I am reminded of love, help and giving. Of a mother’s cherished support and kindness.

Mothers who serve and surrender, who sacrifice their time and energy.

Why the Vikings analogy?







These are some of the qualities that are revealed in the amazing Norse Tales.


Here are some tips for Mums all around us that need encouragement and love.

Fuel your self-love tank.

Ride the waves of emotion

Practise patience with your emotions.



And like the Vikings, cultivate a taste for the finer things in life, including treasures like flowers, roses, and your children’s love.

Have a great week, keep well, until next time.


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