52 teeth and Tips for Friendship

Children gathered to listen to children’s author Dhana Fox as she read aloud her witty and fun loving new picture book, How To Make A Friend in 6 Easy Steps. Published by Scholastic, and illustrated by talented James Hart, this story is about Rosie, a shark that wants to make a friend. “Apparently, making friends was easy. It said so in Rosie’s new book.”

Bold, delicious colours of pinks, turquoise, orange, sea blue and green entice the young reader into a world under the sea.

To see how exactly a friend is made. there are six simple steps to follow from smiling, introducing yourself with a fun fact, to sharing a hobby or interest in common. There is action, verbal play, large bold text and even an apex predator, called Mini to create interest. Sometimes making a friend is not easy and this clever story helps children and adults to see that the journey to nurturing a friend takes practice and love.

The book launch was held at The Little Booknook in Palmwoods, managed by Kay Nixon and her husband Tony who are both passionate readers and fans of children’s books.

Fun activities included, guess how many jelly sharks were in the glass jar for a prize? Pick out an origami paper shark to answer a book question. More prizes were given out by Dhana. Colouring in. Making your own shark using paper, google eyes and glue. And of course book signing.

It’s always wonderful to share the birth of a new book baby. Dhana Fox lives on the Sunshine Coast. She delights in writing humorous stories with a twist. She has more on the go.

In 2021, I hope we can encourage one another to make a new friend, say something nice and not be afraid to take a risk.

As for me, I still have some special friends way back from primary school days. Connection and a few party tricks along the way!



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Ali Stegert
January 30, 2021 at 5:16 am

Lovely blog post, Marg! It was a fantastic launch, and Dhana’s book is adorable. A new favourite!

    User Avatar
    January 30, 2021 at 11:18 pm

    It was such a bright, shark infested morning!

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