Bananas, Bottles and Bubs – Love and Beyond!

Well the little ones have arrived – twins Annabel Elizabeth and James Mark have made their entrance on the morning of September 7. They were a healthy weight ( 3kg and 2.7kg) non- identical and are a blessing to their parents and little sister, two year old Matilda.

When you look into a baby’s face you really do see a miracle – velvet soft, cheeks, button nose, wrinkled slender fingers and the blackest of hair. So three days in hospital and now home again, my daughter is happy to be in her own space.  I stayed in Brisbane to help out. Yes, it’s a tough job having fun with a beautiful toddler who charms the pants off anyone – bubbles, bananas, The Wiggles, cubbies, hide and seek, walks in the park and picking mulberries in the garden- not a bad pastime.

However, add to the mix, very emotional parents, a few sleep deprived nights ( and I do mean 1 or 2 hours of sleep), endless bottles to sanitise, medicines to take, crying to soothe and new routines to navigate, it’s hard work. I watched my daughter and her husband as they tested all the new ways of folding baby wraps, juggling arms and bodies, multi tasking etc. and coping with new challenges.


AH!! Asleep at last. Don’t they look cute and innocent, pure and perfect?

Annie and James are wrapped up and placed side by side like birds in a nest, two peas in a pod.



Here’s me nursing James at the hospital.


Watching his little face twitch and flicker, eye lids gently open and close, knowing in the future this little boy will kick a football, master the ocean sailing, or climb a mountain – it’s amazing. For the time being, I cherish the peace and beauty of this magical moment.

And look at the intimate bond between mother and daughter when they reunite.


Love and beyond is the way I see my grand children. Beyond their problems and imperfections; beyond the confines of school and classroom; beyond their disbeliefs and questioning; beyond their wildest dreams!

So over the next month, I know that my daughter and her household will be turned upside down in a frazzle of feeds, fatigue and fast eating ( they have fantastic meals coming from friends and family) preparation, organisation and beyond all this, a gratitude to God that they are learning what family life is all about.

Are there any tips out there to manage twins?

Here’s a twin JOKE!  What did the Mexican fireman name his twin sons?


Until next time, stay calm and enjoy Spring.

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