Birthday celebration

Not mine yet, but a friend whose husband did a special, romantic something for her recent birthday. They first dined at the Hard Rock cafe at Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast back in 1996 where T shirts were bought to commemorate the grand opening of this trendy place. Now 20 years later, why not take her back there to rekindle the joy , nostalgia and high energy vibe of the past with the same classic T-shirts in hand. Featuring a stylish dining room, indoor bar , good music and collectible gear, the hard Rock cafe is the hottest international tourist destination with friendly staff and ambience.

The owners of the cafe were very impressed to see their autographed T shirts. The memorabilia, food, bottle of wine and birthday celebrations topped off the weekend away. Not many people can boast that they have immaculately kept their souvenir T shirts from long ago only to return with the same excitement to “show off” their keepsakes.  I salute my dear friends ( R and I) on their loving, romantic time away.

Victor Bauer-カイ-23

Romance in a glass! Tell me about a birthday experience that can match this one?!

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