Embrace collections!

Having a collection of something special in your home is simply about telling a story. I love telling stories and sharing my arty things. It’s part of who I am, a reflection of me and it has meaning for me. Let me explain.

My first blue Bristol glass vase was a gift from Jane who lived in the city of Bristol, England. I was thrilled to receive it and have looked after it for many years admiring its form and beauty.The story of Jane and her 5 daughters and me is inspiring. Jane lost her husband to a brain tumour while the littlest girl was a baby. We connected through playgroup and church, craft and dinners. She eventually met Richard who raised and supported her girls, headed to sunny Spain and started a new life. This blue vase is a treasure.


But it did seem alone. So I have bought a few more bits and pieces from op shops, collectible fairs and received the odd blue gift along the way. Add a touch of copper to the mix and presto – a beautiful collection of bottles, candlesticks, vases and ornaments on a living room shelf.


I have many visitors and friends who admire this collection. Thanks to my friend Jane it started with this farewell gift. The Venetian vase a symbol of romance in Italy, blue goblet a Christmas present from a neighbour and a coper crumb tray circa 1920 I bought from an antique fair in Nambour.

Do you own a collection? Do you like finding surprises, hunting out little treasures in hidden places? What is the meaning behind your collection?

For a bit of fun in my sun room ( where all the grandkids hang about) I have assembled a green collection. I actually love the colour green in all its many tones – aqua, emerald, jade, forest, turquoise etc. Grouping these items together makes for an eye catching display as the sun shines in on the surfaces. It brings joy to my home.


Now my best collections are my books. Plenty of them. I love the real life stories within the pages and the feel, smell and colours of books. Stacked on top of each other and placed on a table, chair or sideboard, books invite you to read and enjoy them. They remind me of places I have travelled and the good memories that linger like perfume.


Embracing collections allows me to experience my passions, interests and curiosity.

It’s fun too! like my handmade owls that I make for gifts.


So whether its a toy collection, vintage coffee cups, old kitchenware, rusty tools or glass bottles, why not start a small collection today and watch it grow.

Start a collection with your grand daughter or grandson – tractors, fans, teddies, Tin Tin books, wooden objects, buttons. Have fun.

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March 16, 2016 at 12:22 pm

Marg, I remember seeing you at one of those Antique Fairs in Nambour. If I remember, it was a teacosy you had in your hand? I have never deliberately ‘collected’, but buttons became a passion because of my love of sewing. Glass, mother of pearl, jett, bone etc. Some have been reserved for our little ones to play with ; )

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    March 17, 2016 at 6:52 am

    My mother sewed a lot and had button tins in the bedroom. I also love buttons and remember you sent me some! They are like beautiful shells on a beach – shiny, patterned and ready to touch.

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