Dogs and Dominoes!


Children love games and animals. Whether you own a pet or not, cats and dogs, birds and guinea pigs are often favourite pets at home. So whenever my grand children visit, they love to see Harry and Jemma the old border collies. Dogs can transform a screaming child to a curious, calmer little person. Dogs can bring out the best in children, although I have seen them snap and growl too. Children like to touch, cuddle, jump on, stroke, pull and kiss the pooch. They like to help feed and wash the dogs.

Like dogs, the game of dominoes tests their ability to connect and have fun. Audrey who is nearly 5 enjoyed a game of dominoes and learnt very quickly how to beat Grandma. Simple number patterns and colours matching up left her excited that she could win. We played the game 6 times in a row. I also won. It’s an old fashioned game that can be set up on the kitchen table, coffee table or floor; carried in a handbag or taken on holidays.

Now dogs can be expensive to own but they do teach children responsibility and organisation. It is surprising how quickly tears can turn to smiles when the face of Harry appears at the glass door. If you cannot afford a dog, then a soft, cuddly toy with floppy ears and stumpy tail will provide comfort. Yipeee! for dogs! Walking the dog is the way to go with grandchildren – BUT beware, you must teach your toddler about the care, handling and behaviour of those cute pooches. They will bite too!

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