End of a Bookshop Dream

It’s with great sadness that I visited Books of Buderim in Burnett Street today, a week before it officially closes its doors. Fiona Blond who has capably and passionately owned the book store knows that it’s been a struggle with the increasing online retail sales.

60 years serving the community is a long time to promote good reading. Many, many people will no doubt be disappointed, yet will understand her reasons. With 50% sale I walked in ready for the BIG BUY, starting with the children’s section, my favourite.

The temptation to overload my arms with books became clear to me, so I had to select wisely. Other mothers and children were collecting books too. From picture stories, classics to board books for babies, non fiction, young adults, crime, fantasy, poetry – you name it, the titles were there.

Fiona and others before her have stocked many popular reads, book awards, biographies, garden, cook books and art. Prize winning authors feature alongside book launches and guest speakers. The personalised experience is real for these treasured staff. Kay Nixon and I spoke today about the closing and her future endeavours. As a children’s specialist member of staff, she may find herself working in another book shop in the Hinterland.




Me with a Jeannie Baker picture book.

Books of Buderim started back in 1967 and the range and diversity of quality books allowed local people, visitors and tourists to enjoy buying what they saw or ordering and waiting.

Fiona has been proud of hosting author events with Peter Phelps, Jessica Townsend and Lynette Noni. The shop has supported Voices on the Coast, Reader’s cup, Gardens of Buderim, kid’s fundraisers and much more.

I will miss this book shop so much. Friendly smiles, bold covers, curious finds, exquisite gift cards, gifts and always a good travel section.


That’s ME with a couple of treasures.


Bill and his bag of books

Now for some of the books I bought. Can’t wait to go home and read them. What better time than during the Christmas holidays.




Thank you to all the book buyers and families that supported Books of Buderim, to the local community which is rich in culture, history and the arts. As the books go out from the shelves into the homes of many readers, may they double and triple their joy over Christmas; and may the books ( fiction, non fiction) stir the hearts and minds of their readers who fall in love over and over again.

In contrast to my purchases, husband Bill came out with deep, philosophical ones called On the Edge of Infinityencounters with the beauty of the Universe ( Stefan Klein) and The Memory Code by Lynne Kelly. A more scientific mind and a happy reader.

Well, I still have a few more days before the closing. Watch out! I might wander through the tucked away store on Christmas Eve to say my final farewell.

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December 20, 2018 at 8:48 am

It’s such a pity that special bookshop is closing as there is nothing quite like browsing a real book in your hand before buying. It looks like you and Bill made a great selection.

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December 20, 2018 at 9:49 am

Yes, a real shame. This morning I went back to buy another book for Bill and some gift cards for me.

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