Rosetta bookshop in Maleny

The New Year has begun and a trip to Maleny to enjoy a coffee and browse at the beautiful bookshop is a must. There’s a friendly vibe in Maple Street as Bill and I find a table outside the Rosetta bookstore, read the newspaper, sip a cappuccino and watch the passers by.

This gem of a bookshop is full of diverse subject matter, something for everyone. Apart from gorgeous calendars and gift cards, there’s all the titles that I photographed that caught my attention. Here are some of them. I wonder if you have read any? or purchased one? Support and buy from your local book shop. Make 2019 a reading year, one with learning, discovery, reflecting and pleasure.

img_0448 img_0450 img_0437img_0449 img_0456 img_0455 img_0451 img_0446 img_0440 img_0439 img_0453 img_0441 img_0447


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