Garden Project and a Son’s family garden

Newly married and I have already given my husband a project – one that we can do together. Bill will design a small potting shed and I will assist him. As if we both haven’t got enough on our plates without more work! Time management – 3 months! Cost – a few thousand dollars. Time – when it’s sunny and possible. Where?- at side of the house.

What do we need? Bags of cement, pavers, shovels, string, timber, post supports, spirit level etc. and patience, communication and inspiration.

Here’s the plot. Very ordinary.


Next the wheelbarrow and pavers.



And some weeds to pull out. Note the red soil!


Here is the fabulous book I am reading at the moment to inspire me.


I am glad we are not doing a huge renovation. This is manageable, achievable and enjoyable. Coming into the cooler months, I plan to show you a bit more of our little project. Thanks Bill for caring so much and making this a team effort.


Next is my son’s smallish garden in the leafy suburb of Kenmore, Brisbane. Tim has a young family, two boys who are lucky enough that their dad built them a pirate playground with ladder, rope swing, ship’s wheel, telescope and bridge. Ahoy! me hearties. An unforgettable area to escape to! It’s well hidden, too, in a corner of the backyard surrounded by trees, ginger, bamboo and small plants.




Cousin Matilda peers into the distance

Family time together out in the backyard is what make’s this garden special. It’s a garden that well lived in and it wins hands down every time. The hammock full of ants is used for games and grandma rest. The rope is tested for leaping off planks! and the slippery slide and sandpit, well used by all the neighbourhood kids.





From the verandah, parents can watch as children climb the ladder, walk the plank and captain the ship. All hands on deck! Watch out for sharks below!

IMG_3272 2

There’s a spot for everyone in this garden. Tim has designed his space effectively with attention to productivity in his vegetable garden, a chook shed, fruit trees and play areas.

Healthy cabbages, eggplants and herbs live happily beside seasonal vegetables. Mulching and a good compost is clear in this garden. Mulberry tree, peach tree, passionfruit vines and tomatoes grow well and out on the footpath for all the neighbours to take are basil and rosemary plants growing abundantly. The whiff and scent is amazing!

IMG_3262 2

IMG_3269 2


IMG_3259 2


Nothing is nicer than arriving at your son’s house and following Riley and Sam into their backyard. Say goodbye to weeds, hello to natives. Want to jump on the trampoline, well it’s squeezed in at the side of the house, a space saving device. Want to toast marshmallows – there’s a fire pit that Tim built.


In a short time really, I have watched this garden grow to provide shade, food and fun. All the neighbours in the street love the sunflowers when they bloom. They enjoy the limes, chives, corn, beans, and lettuces. There are no pets, but from time to time, dogs come and go. You’ll find possums and the odd snake.

One thing I notice every time I come and visit is the love and energy, commitment and dedication that Tim has in maintaining his young family’s garden. He is interested in plants, the environment, permaculture, recycling, bees, worms, raised beds, and escaping into a silence where he relaxes and unwinds. He learns as he goes for the beauty of this garden is the journey undertaken in creating a true home for his family.

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Judy M
April 13, 2018 at 11:17 pm

Beautiful, Marg. It’s amazing what can be achieved in smaller backyards. How special for the kids. I still have fond memories of the Pallas St backyard!! So peaceful, green and shady.

April 14, 2018 at 1:12 am

Margaret, how wonderful it is to have a project to do together. It was just recently we landscaped and had a few home improvement projects that we enjoyed doing together. Tim is certainly talented and has great foresight to plan and maintain such a lovely family garden. I enjoyed your post.

April 14, 2018 at 9:57 am

Your garden is a work of art with all the colours of the rainbow. Tim has made a wonderful family fun yard as well. What fun for all!

April 23, 2018 at 2:41 pm

Your son’s garden is amazing! My daughter would so love something like this! And I know how much work it is… wow. We are looking to build a treehouse too and the planning alone takes a very long time. Good luck with your own garden project and “bonjour” from Provence!

M.J. Gibbs
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