If the shoe fits….

Have you ever thought about shoes and your personality? The comfy, practical walking shoes or joggers that feel good on you and sum up the way you are as a person – laid back, easy going and practical. What shoes best fit your personality?

In my over cluttered wardrobe I was checking out the plastic container that stored my winter shoes. Checking out where I packed my warm ugg boots and more stylish ankle boots. Immediately I discovered that in all my variety of shoes I have statements about ME.

I am artsy and creative so my leather boots are fun to wear matching my athletic and artistic personality.

I am sophisticated and enjoy some red heels, perhaps the sexy, romantic Goose who walks tall and elegant.


I like to be casual and easy going in my sneakers. Comfort above style.

I like gardening so I have tough and tatty, old, worn joggers to keep the spiders and ants away.

I like the outdoors so hiking in my Gortex boots from Kathmandu is a sure thing.

I like to take risks and surprise, hence these more unusual, colourful wedges that I wear with a hot pink or blue dress – my unpredictable, friendly personality.


As a child I liked bare feet, then I grew into wearing thongs ( quick and easy to take off); while teaching at school I wear lower heels that are durable and comfortable, on weekends as  grandma I might put on flat sneakers to match my carefree personality.

At my school there are amazing shoes that suit amazing women who dress well and know what they like. That confidence, daring personality that exudes poise and good style shows in these pics. Bold statements, look at me and a touch dressy! Even French!IMG_0879.JPG



Even the boys ready for their cross country race wear contemporary styles like these.


I asked them to put their best foot forward for this posed shot.

With Autumn here and Winter fast approaching, do you have slippers that feel as warm as toast? or woolly socks that hug your toes? or a pair of purple knitted ones like these that my daughter gave to me for Mother’s Day last year and I will wear them this year. Aren’t they gorgeous? Rachael knows what I like – handmade, colourful and unique. Tell me about your personality and favourite shoe.


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