Dogs – real and unreal!

Recently in Brisbane I took my grandsons to visit the nursing home at Corinda where my Aunty Maggie who is 96 lies quietly waiting for something to happen. That something was US plus two dogs. Now Roodi and Charlie Brown , the house dogs, feel at home with the elderly. They like to entertain the Bingo players or the wheelchair men and women who brighten up to see them running past.IMG_0840

While Jesse (3) and Elijah ( 17 months) sat on the chair with curious stares, they watched and waited for Maggie to wake up. Jesse grabs the red bell and rings it. “Not too loud”, I say, ” because the nurse will come in.” Eli grabs the green bell and copies his brother.

The nurse does come in and the dogs follow. Calm, gentle and adorable wagging their tails. Next we are asked if the kiddies would like to see Roodi bathed out in the courtyard. YES, YES. Let’s go!

On the way out, the children see the budgie, the yellow cockateil. Out in the spacious grounds they play and relax. Out comes the clam shell for the ritual dog washing, soaping and drying. I am enjoying this just as much as the grand children. Simple pleasures. Simple routines. Surprises.


The following morning, Eli grabs his pull-a-long toy dog and we set off for a walk down the street. He is so proud and happy to wander at his own pace.

We also see 2 more real dogs and their owners.


What are some of the simple pleasures you do or share with your loved ones?

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May 11, 2016 at 10:48 pm

Great shots

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