Kindness above all in Covid.

A small mantra my Mother offered me before she died was to be kind. I have kept this close to my heart for decades, like a neatly wrapped gift of love. I guess it seems obvious to show kindness to strangers, family or friends. But what does kindness look like, what type of animal is it, where does kindness  live?

A dog that is loyal can offer you a sloppy wet lick to show his affection, to let you know he is thinking of you. He can be a good companion in times of loneliness and worry. What animal reminds you of kindness and why?

I hope that kindness can live in the open spaces as well as the secret side alleys and corners of the world. A shared meal, smile and gift. Thinking about the other person in need. Recently, Bill built a street library, we call it the book barn to allow anyone to take a book, or swap a book. It stands proudly on the footpath ready for books to visit.


Cooking meals and sweet slices to give away to neighbours is a very kind act. It’s being intentional. It’s going to the shop to buy ingredients to spend the time baking for someone else.

Kindness can be a soft cat purring lightly around your legs. Kindness can be a budgerigar  whispering and chatting his message of song. A horse taking a child on a ride.


Driving past Somerset Dam out through Esk we called in to a friends weatherboard house on 5 acres, a beautiful place with rolling hills, delightful views and a thriving vegetable garden. Hospitality and kindness came with this visit. Bill and I felt valued and spoilt sitting out on the sunny back porch as we talked and talked.



Kindness is love in its simplest form. It’s a quality of being friendly, generous and considerate. It is not a weakness nor is it something that we should forget during Covid.

Kindness is considered a virtue and is recognised as a value in many cultures and religions.

Sometimes kindness needs to start with ourselves. Taking good care of our body, mind and soul. How you treat yourself and I do not simply mean being nice. It can be saying “No” to some things. It can be allowing others to face the consequences of their actions than to enable them to continue. I am still learning in this area.

True kindness can be tough and it might leave you feeling less kind. It’s rooted in empathy. During these next weeks of tighter restrictions and lockdowns, I imagine that we need to show compassion and understanding more to others and ourselves. It’s not about looking good.

It is about acting without expectation of reciprocity or recognition although there is nothing wrong with enjoying those things or good feelings.

Thanks for reading this. Enjoy your day and sprinkle it with animal kindness.


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Julieanne Seymour
July 31, 2020 at 12:50 pm

That’s so helpful to so many of us in these COVID times in particular Margaret. Thank you for expressing these thoughts. God bless.

M.J. Gibbs
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