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Metal to masterpiece…

 With a background in metalwork it’s no surprise to see how prolific Luke Berkleman’s self-taught knife making skills have taken off.

“Knifes are tools, useful and practical: They all serve a purpose”

Luke’s collection is a progression of his craft and he’s happy to say he now has customers around Australia and beyond.


Yesteryear still turning!

Young English import James Taylor has close to forty antique stationary engines to his name. Prior to immigrating to the Sunshine Coast James and his father had many more. Now James’s collection has begun again including his beloved British made “Lister” models and a new-found love for acquiring sought after Australian made engines like the Champion or Sundial.

“I love playing with history – nothing I own is younger than 70 years old.

Especially in a throw away society these gems will never stop running”.

“My favourite is the first one I brought on Australian soil, the Lister D”

With a coat of many colours including over forty years as a solicitor on the Sunshine Coast, Frank Carroll also manages Carroll’s Transport Depot at Coolum. Passionately community minded Frank showcases his British collection of fine motor vehicles, including neighbouring cars from the Sir Henry Royce Foundation. The huge showroom is full of treasures available for groups, schools or charities to admire by arrangement.


The Coolum Showroom is open every first Saturday of the month, see website for details.


Perhaps there are neighbours near you who have wonderful collections in their sheds, homes and businesses.

From modern radio controlled aeroplanes to dozens of Barbies with their flat chests and bosoms. Teapots, lace, rare coins, tools and medals, the lists go on. Above all, there are stories to tell in these collections. And from stories come connections to community and a joy to share. Thank you, Jenny Catalano for your research and photos. Next week, we will celebrate a book launch of Kingdom of Rooms. Keep safe and well.

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