Mermaids, Chooks and Parks

I am, after all the creative grandma, so when I visit my grand children there’s always bound to be a park in the picture. Lockdown is lifting but we need to be mindful of distancing and hand washing. Well, the social distancing can happen in a park especially when I arrive at Graceville to find only 2 children and one parent there, plus me and my three little ones. Washing our hands comes later.

There’s always a buzz at the playground. The kids race off from the car like a speeding train. The pirate boat is magnetic with its telescope, wheel, ladders and slippery slides, portholes and decks, even the gang plank. It’s winter and the winds and shade of the boat means the children are cold. So we head over to the sunny side of the park where there is a bronze canoe, an indigenous replica with sculptured crab, dilly bag and spear carved inside the canoe.


The perfect place to play in the sun. Even eat a snack or two.


Another park, another grandson. Barefooted and brave. More tunnels to zoom down, ladders to climb and swings to swing on. A swinging bridge, and abseiling wall.


Parks are the perfect place to let off energy and immerse yourself in fresh air, imaginative play and good healthy exercise.

Back home after hand washing, there are bikes to ride on, chooks to cuddle and a mud kitchen that really does have oozy mud, water and play equipment.




Pet chooks are always a favourite. They are soft and fluffy, cute and hard to hold sometimes. Perhaps we will try a budgy by Christmas!

But if this does not entertain the little ones, spread out the lego on the table and let them play, build and sort.


As a creative grandma, I find myself painting, drawing, doodling, cutting paper, gluing, threading, assembling, dressing up, cooking and more. The next activity will be making mermaids with swishy sparkly tails and rainbow bodies. Do you have any mermaids lying about in your home? Are they hiding under the bed?


From canoes to mermaids, I find time spent with small children adrenalin charging, inspiring and intense.

I hope dear readers and friends that you stay safe and well, perhaps indulging yourself in childlike play. Until, next time. Bye for now.

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June 30, 2020 at 3:19 am

Parks are a creative place for kids. Collecting leaves and twigs make for a great collage. Smallish bag of sand for the garden makes for an ant home is a great idea too. Imagination of pirates, fairy and dragons in trees is always fun.

M.J. Gibbs
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