Pedal power and pumpkins!

Recently on school holidays my grand daughter Audrey and I visited the local park in Mapleton. She loved going fast on the flying fox being pushed harder each time. The other cool swing is one that requires effort, push and pedal power, the one that Grandma hopped on, too, and whizzed around and around becoming dizzy. Sometimes Audrey felt frustrated when she couldn’t push harder and go faster. This reminds me of the slogan on one of the student’s T shirts on free dress day that says “Never give up”!IMG_0698IMG_0491I

I like this slogan which is simple but powerful. It’s good to remind ourselves and others that perseverance is a potent mindset that helps us to move forward. Try harder, keep going, don’t give up, keep running, never say die, hang in there!

When Audrey showed persistence with finishing the 120 piece jigsaw puzzle, I was so pleased. She was grinning too! When she kept trying to dive down to the bottom of the swimming pool to grab the stone and resurface, I smiled and celebrated with her. She did it again!

As for me and my garden, I have successfully grown many, many pumpkins that have grown from good rainfall. These wonderful pumpkins are the result of conscientiously tending to the garden, digging and planting, with the reward of a bountiful crop.I never give up on my garden.


So in my grand mothering role, I would like to leave you with the thought, of not giving up.

Whether it’s learning a new skill, climbing a mountain, walking that extra kilometre or reconnecting with a loved one, keep believing and persisting. If you have lost a bit of yourself, or struggle to find purpose in what you are doing, take a break and try again later.

I have learnt not to run from the difficulties in my life but to see these as challenges and ones which will make me stronger. Step by step, hour by hour, day by day, like pedal power, you push on and through with God’s help and love.


And finally coming up in the cinemas to see is the hilarious Eddie the Eagle with Hugh Jackman. It’s all about not giving up, even if everyone thinks you should.

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