Puffed and all Parked Out!

Children love the open spaces and going to a park or playground is the way to go. As a break for the weary mother, taking grand children to the park opens up many opportunities. From parties at parks to pirate ships, climbing frames, slides and swings, here are my hot ten tips to survive a happy outing.

1. Be prepared for fun, food and adventure

2. Wear comfy flat shoes or joggers (the kiddies can still run around barefooted)

3. Water and snacks are essential

4. Hats can be worn but more often they fall off

5. Let the child take risks – climbing and running

6. Patience – if another child is on the swing – distract to birds in the sky, boats in the water or waiting to watch when the child hops off for your turn.

7. Look through the child’s eyes – see the fun and newness, the challenges and excitement of a new play area.

8. Help and support as they cross the swinging bridge

9. Play games/ sing songs and have a picnic

10. Watch your grand child – be aware of him running away or falling.


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