Romantic books to share with the little ones..

Snuggle up on the bed with a little one and read the following loving stories. Be certain to have the tissues close by. This is a special time of closeness and connection. The sweet cuddly love story oozes charm, humour and warmth.


I love you Always by Anna Pignataro – it’s sure to melt your heart. Another great read is called Love you Forever by Robert Muncsh. Check out the I Love series by Anna Walker.

Unconditional love is a forever bond. Whether it’s between humans or animals, kids respond to deep feelings of intimacy and love.pic book

“Together we had a perfect day. We held onto each other and as the day draws to a close, I can’t wait for another!” With a title like “Kiss it Better” you can imagine that love helps to soothe the pain when a child falls over or hurts himself.

kiss it better

Finally check out ‘ I Love my Mummy ‘by Giles Andrene! ENJOY!

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