Valentine’s day at school brings a stem rose for the beloved, friend or girlfriend. It’s a tradition that comes around yearly to offer students the opportunity to think of someone that they like, love or admire. It’s also a great fundraiser to help a boy with cancer – a really worthwhile cause.

To receive a rose brings a flush of embarrassment or acknowledgement. It’s special for the giver and receiver. It’s planned or a total surprise. Some are delighted while others a bit disappointed that they missed out. In any case, romance is in the air even in the classroom. There were boys who sponsored a rose to each girl in their year level house group and a dozen roses for their home room mentor. How amazing! I felt privileged to see the rose ceremony as the Seniors knocked on my door ready to distribute this beautiful gift.

I waited til I drove home to see and smell the fragrant roses in my garden.

To sum up in French, les fleurs sont rouges sang !rosesromance

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