Visiting your Grandchild

You plan the date, time and text your daughter-in-law on your arrival. There’s anticipation and nervous joy about being welcomed. The car pulls up and you hear the small voice shout, Grandma’s here! What a lovely feeling. Now are you prepared for what is ahead? I often pack too much in my car ready for the trip to Brisbane. Along the way i play music and think. Of course, to be mindful in the moment, I need to concentrate on my driving and not think about how will I cope or what will happen. Here are 10 tips for that visit.

1  Welcome with enthusiasm and a smile.( maybe a gift)

2  Wait until the child is ready to greet you and LISTEN.

3  Show him/her something special ( surprise dinosaur, new book, photos etc) grandma’s new necklace!

4  Ask him/ her to show you their bedroom – an invitation to play and test out the toys on the floor.

5  Be willing to multi- task at any time, however, most mums just want you to play and take the load off them.

6  Play imagination games outside – hide and seek, shops, obstacle courses, dress ups, chasey or sand pit time.

7  Sit and read a great story – let them turn the pages nicely. Count the animals. Point to colours.

8  Sing to the child. Video this – it’s funny and elating to watch when you are feeling down.

9  Ask the mother is there any job you would like done? ( washing, sweeping, rubbish to the bin)

10  Toddlers love gardening time, craft time and routines. Cubbies are good.


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