Welcome to the World Matilda!

It’s an indescribable feeling receiving the news that your daughter has given birth to a girl. She actually phoned me from the hospital herself. Now I was SO sure it would be a boy. Lots of boys in the family line and more grandsons too. I am so proud of my daughter and her husband who are now proud parents of little Matilda Kate. This is very special to me as my mother’s name was Matilda or Til as she was later called. It’s an Aussie tribute to Waltzing Matilda!

The waiting game for me as Grandma started when I received a text message at 2am from my son in law telling me that they were at the hospital and Rachael was in labour. I couldn’t sleep. My mind was in a spin.  Imagination working over time. Cup of tea and back to bed at 3.30am not really sleeping well. As the morning progressed I went to Church where people asked me if there was any news. No news. I am usually patient but felt my stomach uneasy. Lunch time I did some school work, looked at the phone, did some reading, checked the phone, took in the washing and decided to have a nap on the couch. The phone rang at 2pm but it was another call. Finally dozing comfortably under the throw  the phone rings at 3.10pm with Rachael’s tired, timid voice.

She’s had the baby; Matilda Kate was born at 9.45am. Like any good news, you want to share it quickly, so I sent a text to my sister. She was so excited. The roller coaster of emotions spills over as the reality kicks in. Matilda has daddy’s black hair, and her mummy’s lips! A new romance begins again – how easy it will be for me to fall in love!

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